n0thing special

n0b0dy c0llective invited various NY based multi media artists to create artwork utilizing an existing ‘n0thing’ printed T-Shirt for LRC SAL0N #8.

A percentage of all sales donated to SAGE NYC. Contact n0b0dy@nobodycollective.com for enquiries. Prices on request.

Photography by Nate Bozeman. Models Sou’d & Vladka.

‘n0thing special’ xT-Shirt by Ross Tibbles
‘n0thing special’ x Neil Gilks
‘n0thing special’ x Tom Scott.
‘n0thing special’ x S’MM
‘n0thing special’ x Daniel Reynolds
‘n0thing special’ x Dean Sidaway
‘n0thing special’ x Robin Mollicone

‘n0thing special’ x Carwash Collective. 
‘n0thing special’ x by Rob Wilson
‘n0thing special’ x Olivia Eaton
‘n0thing special’ x Rebecca Chamberlain
‘n0thing special’ x Mariana Vidal-Escabi
‘n0thing special’ xT-Shirt by The Covert Room
‘n0thing special’ x Francesca Longo